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Most parishes are caught in what liturgists call, “The Four Hymn Sandwich”, singing an opening, offertory, Communion and recessional hymn (with those hymns/songs being the musical focus of the liturgy). This musical schema is not what was envisioned and documented at the Second Vatican Council. The priority of what should be sung at Mass is first the Order of Mass (the dialogues between celebrant and congregation), second, the Ordinary of Mass (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Angus Dei) and thirdly, the Proper of Mass (for every day there is an appointed antiphon and Psalm to be sung for the entrance, offertory and Communion processions). No where in this priority of music are hymns/other songs. In fact, there is not now nor has there ever been an official “recessional hymn” in the Roman liturgy (it is not mentioned in any edition of the Roman Missal or in any Holy See document on music). The liturgy ends with the dismissal, which should be sung, as it is part of the Order of Mass (again, the first priority of what is to be sung). This catechetical video will explain it all and help your parish get on the road to singing the liturgy, including the Order, Ordinary and Proper of Mass, celebrating more authentic, noble and prayerful liturgy. The time and date of this video is to be determined, but the video will be archived on Foretaste of Heaven. The presenter of this video is liturgist and sacred musician John Gaffney.

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