Proper of Mass

Catechetical Articles

The Proper of Mass Versus the Four-Hymn Sandwich (Cantica Nova)

Q/A on the Proper of Mass, Particularly the Offertory Proper (Cantica Nova)

Why Sing the Proper of Mass? (forum with many catechetical responses) (CMAA)

Antiphons in the Roman Missal vs. The Roman Gradual (Ostrowski)

Roman Gradual or Missal…Why are the antiphon texts often different?…The Confusion Resolved (Christoph Tietz)

Review Articles of Collections of English Settings of Propers

Reviews of Collections of the Proper of Mass (Corpus Christi Watershed)

Reviews of Collections of the Proper of Mass (CMAA)

Seven Article Series on the Excellent Collection by Samuel Weber, “The Proper of Mass for Sundays and Solemnities” (Corpus Christi Watershed)

Interview Q/A Style Article on Samuel Weber’s “The Proper of Mass”, Including Excellent Catechesis on the Proper (New Liturgical Movement)

Official Ritual Books (Latin)

Graduale Romanum (PDF) (Purchase)

Graduale Simplex (PDF) (Purchase)

Gregorian Missal (Graduale Romanum w/ English Translations)** (PDF) (Purchase)

**A must-have resource for Roman Church Musicians!

Many thanks to the CMAA & Corpus Christi Watershed for providing PDFs of the Graduals (which are only to be used for educational purposes).

Collections in Latin & English

Communino (PDF) (Purchase) (Official musical settings of the Communion Propers with the antiphons in Latin and psalm verses in English in chant notation. An excellent collection that helps make the official settings more accessible to the average parish choir/schola….Incudes the seven “ad libitum” Communion propers that can be sung on any Sunday…a great pedagogical and accesible approach to get choirs/scholas singing official settings of the Communion proper every Sunday)

Choral Collections in English

Simple Choral Gradual (PDF)(Purchase) (modern notationEnglish, accesible, choral [harmonized] settings…these settings also make great offetory and Communion motets, another great way to sing the Proper of Mass!)

Collections in English

Lumen Christi Simple Gradual (excellent ”pew book”, accessible for congregational singing, Englishchant notationorgan acc. with modern notation)

Source & Summit Missal (excellent ”pew book”, extremely accessible for congregational singingmodern notationEnglishorgan acc.)

The Proper of Mass for Sundays and Solemnities (excellent, authentic collection with multiple settings of each proper from extremely accessible for congregational singing to more elaborate for choir/schola singing, Englishchant notation, **now with organ accompaniment [Modern Notation])

Simple English Propers (accessible collection for choir/schola singing, Englishchant notation, very pedagogical for teaching choirs/scholas chant notation)

By Flowing Waters (modern notation setting of the Graduale Simplex in English, a great collection for any worshiping community and a great staring point for singing the Proper of Mass)

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